About Our Clinic

At Hearing Health USA in Cicero, NY, we know that few things are more important than being able to fully hear the precious sounds you cherish. Our staff is proud to provide exceptional patient care and the latest in hearing care technology to our valued patients. Through our comprehensive and compassionate approach to hearing health, we strive to provide optimal solutions for all lifestyles and budgets.

About Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is usually associated with growing older, but hearing loss can occur at any age. There are many different factors that contribute to premature hearing loss such as exposure to loud noises, certain medications, and illnesses. Our hearing healthcare providers are well versed and educated on all options available to you no matter your lifestyle or budget.

Our Services

Hearing Health USA in Cicero, NY is proud to bring you the absolute best in hearing services. Our skilled team of trained professionals has the experience and technology to provide you with a comprehensive array of hearing services. No matter what you need, we can help improve your hearing.

  • Complimentary Hearing Screenings VideoOtoscope
  • Hearing Aid Demonstrations
  • Routine and Diagnostic Testing
  • Latest Hearing Technology
  • Programming and Adjustments
  • In-Office Repairs and Cleaning
  • Hearing Instrument Repairs
  • Batteries and Other Accessories
  • Extended Warranties Available
  • Evaluation Period for All New Hearing Aids
  • Referral Rewards Program
  • 0% Financing Available
  • Trial Periods

We value being a part of the local Cicero, NY community and believe in treating our patients like family. We know that every person has different needs, and everyone has a unique lifestyle, that is why we are readily available to answer all your questions and to help you on your journey to better hearing health.

Hearing Health USA in Cicero, NY part of the Hearing Health USA network of healthcare providers, whose patient promise states: “We are dedicated to providing our patients with the highest level of hearing healthcare and to guide each individual through their journey to better hearing.”

This information is intended for the sole purpose of fitting or selecting a hearing aid and is not a medical examination or audiological evaluation.

This information is intended for the sole purpose of fitting or selecting a hearing aid and is not a medical examination or audiological evaluation.

Meet Our Providers

Erika Glasso, BC-HIS

Erika Glasso, BC-HIS, has been practicing since 2006 and joins us from the Mohawk Valley. She has completed Bellevue Universities Audiology Assistant program, and International Hearing Societies Hearing Instrumentation program. Currently she pursues an advanced degree in Communication Disorders at Eastern New Mexico University. Her clinical experience comes from Faxton-St. Lukes Healthcare's Hearing and Speech Center in Utica, NY. She became a Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist in 2015. She is a member in good standing in the International Hearing Society, and NY State Speech, Hearing, and Language Association.